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Our advertising manager is Charlene Word. If you need assistance or have questions about placing an ad or having inserts placed in the newspaper, please contact the office at 724-327-3471. We will be glad to help you.

Please be aware that our advertising rates were increased on January 1, 2013. If you need a new rate sheet, please contact our office.

There are many advertising options available, including Classified Ads, Business Service Ads, Display Ads, Color Ads, Special Feature Pages, Advertising Supplements and Inserts.

Classified Ads

Classified ad rates and an easy to use form are available on the Classified Ad Page. Please click on the link to the left.

Business Service Ads

Business Service Ads are small display ads that are part of a special Business Service section of the classified pages. They must be placed for at least 4 weeks at a time and can only be 1 col. by 1 inch, 1col. by 2 inch, or 2 col. by 1 inch in size. The rates for business service ads are $12.39 per column inch.

Display Ads

Display ads are the large "boxed" ads seen throughout the paper. Ads can be placed in the Market Place, the Monday or Wednesday edition of the newspaper or any combination of the three publications each week.

Special rates are available for frequent advertisers. Discounts are available for those who prepay for their ads and for service organizations. To request a rate sheet, call the office for more information.

Adding Color to Ads

A single color is used to accent a few pages in each issue. The color is chosen by the newspaper, and usually is red or blue. Other colors are available for an additional fee. Full color is also available for each issue of the paper. Advertisers can have their ads accented with this additional color or request full color for an additional cost. Please contact the office about rates for color.

Special Feature Pages

Occasionally we run special feature pages, such as a coupon page or a page that is put together on a theme. Past themes have included Thanksgiving, Easter, and Honoring Our Service people. Ads on these pages are usually one size and have a set rate. Contact the office for upcoming feature pages and rates.

Advertising Supplements

Several times per year advertising supplements are inserted into all the newspapers and The Market Place. These supplements are usually based on a seasonal theme. In addition to the advertisements, the supplements contain articles on the theme. Topics featured in past supplements include: Home & Garden, Gift Guide, Christmas, Automotive, Bridal, and Back to School. The current supplement we are accepting advertisements for is the Home Improvement supplement, scheduled to go out in February. Download the pdf of the flyer.

Contact the advertising department for more information about the current schedule and topics for supplements.


Another way for advertisers to get their message out to the public is to have preprinted advertising slicks inserted into the publications. This is often a method used by advertisers who receive preprinted advertising materials from a national or regional office or in the case of an advertiser who is having flyers printed up and wants a method of distribution.

Inserts must still meet ad copy restrictions, therefore a copy or a proof copy of the insert must be provided when placing an order. Inserts must be prepaid before going in the newspaper. Advertisers can select the areas they wish to cover, within reason. See the Coverage Area page or call the office for more information about placing inserts in the publications.

The rate for inserts that are 8.5 by 11 inches or smaller and less than one ounce in weight and submitted by local advertisers are: less than 5000 pieces, 4.2¢ per piece and 5000 pieces or more, 3.8¢ per piece. Please note that printing, folding, overweight, secure disposal, verification paperwork and other productions items are available at an additional charge. Please call the office for quotes on the additional charges.

Due to additional processing required, national advertising agencies pay a rate of $49.00 per thousand inserts of 8.5x11 inches or smaller and less than one ounce in weight due.

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