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The Boring Word About... is an editorial column created and written by editor Georgia Boring and advertising manager Charlene Word in the 1980s. The Boring Word About... makes an occasional reappearance in current issues and can have any member of the family as an author. Each week on Friday, we offer one of these historic columns for your enjoyment.

What Next?

October 1, 1986

I was tracing a stream of water under my kitches sink back to its source (a hole in a pipe) at midnight one evening last week. The cat and dog dutifiully listened to my dissertation on the audacity of anyone who would put pipes that wear out in a kitchen, as I did a patching job with saran wrap and tape and rewashed all my pots and pans.

My cat and dog had heard all about vacuum clearners with belts that slip a afew days eariler, lawnmowers with cords that won’t pull the week before and had no answer to my question as to what to do when the water meter leaks.

But even they became disgusted and hid their heads under their paws the day the downstairs bathroom was turned into a shower and the water stopped only after knocking on every pipe and opening every fixture in the upstairs bathroom.

I'd discovered my house isn’t the only handyman’s paradise when I visited an uncle in ohio during the summer. While there the toliet refused to flush and I discovered the rubber band and paper clip holding the tank mechanisms together had failed. We soon had it working good as new by replacing the paper clip adding a garbage bag tie.

As I told the cat and dog yesterday as we looked over the fallen tree situation in th ebackyard - everyday is a surprise.


Starting Over

April 9, 1986

We’ve just entered into a new phase of our marriage which no one had warned me about. I was ready for the changes a baby brings to your marriage, for the trauma when the last of the children go off to school, I’ve through about the empty nest syndrome and considered life after retirement. But I was not prepared when we had to start shopping for appliances again.

Like most newly marrieds we saved our money and then in one year, just before our first baby arrived, we bought: a washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, freezer and stove. Since that year I’ve thought very little about my appliances and I certainly didn’t spend my time reading the ads and pricing new items.
So when the refrigerator died last year, followed by the washer and dryer this year I was not ready for the experience of buying new ones. I headed out to the stores remembering the excitement of those first purchases. But somehow it was just not the same. For one thing my husband was conveniently busy so it was our teenage son who went along to measure the sizes and check out the connections.

While he became enthralled with all the latest innovations I was appalled at the price tags. At no time had I even dreamed that a washer-dryer combination could cost $1500! Granted some models do cost less. But drop the price by very much and you may come home with a washboard.

Refrigerators come in so many different models and sizes that I couldn’t keep them straight. To think I just wanted to keep the ice cubes frozen!

And everything has a digital clock. I estimate that with a microwave, a stove, refrigerator (yes, they not only have clocks but will also tell you the temperature of the inside of the refrigerator and the kitchen), and washer/dryer combo in your kitchen you could have a clock in view at all times. With all the electronic controls, LEDs and push buttons the modern kitchen is beginning to look like the flight deck of a space ship. I know one thing, if I’m going to take off for a flight into space (or anywhere else for that matter) I have no intention of taking my appliances with me.

Since we put the washer and dryer in last week I have been eying my other appliances warily. It only stands to reason that if we purchased them all at the same time they are going to fall apart at the same time. I have even begun reading the ads for dishwashers and stoves. But before I take the plunge again I may consider the alternative eating all our meals out.