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The Boring Word About... is an editorial column created and written by editor Georgia Boring and advertising manager Charlene Word in the 1980s. The Boring Word About... makes an occasional reappearance in current issues and can have any member of the family as an author. Each week on Sunday, we offer one of these historic columns for your enjoyment.

Happy Birthday

February 11, 1987
My kids learned very early in life that birthdays are never celebrated on Tuesday (printing day) and rarely on any other school day. The usual custom has been to move the party to the nearest Saturday or Sunday. (If there are no concerts, school plays or scout activities).
So I guess the kids can understand the nation’s way of celebrating the president’s birthdays. I on the other hand am not so gracious. It was hard enough when they told me good old George told a few lies in his time, and that there probably was not a cherry tree. But to take away his birthday was the limit.
It seems to me that when you have reached the stature of a Lincoln or a Washington the country might be willing to say Happy Birthday on the right day. After all was it their fault they were born in the same month?
At our house we have four birthdays in less than one month. The only ones I have been able to celebrate on the same day are the two that actually are on the same day. Otherwise I have been firmly told “no way.”
The new holiday law has caused some problems for more than just me. On some of my calendars February 16 is Washington’s birthday. On others it’s called President’s Day. (I guess that’s so none of the other presidents can feel slighted). But in all cases the calendars still have special marks on February 12 and the 22. Perhaps the old ways are not dying after all.
We got Veteran’s Day back to November 11 and so far they haven’t moved the Fourth of July or Christmas. It’s hard to forget all those years in elementary school cutting out little hatchets and log cabins. I bet in a few years we’ll be eating cherry pies on Feb. 22 and decorating cakes with little log cabins on Feb. 12. Just you wait!