Out of County Survey

We are asking our out of county subscribers to give us suggestions and their preferences for delivery of the Penn-Franklin News. Currently the cost has increased to $50 per year for a regular subscription.

We have come up with two possible options:

  1. Have a packet of all papers from the month delivered at the end of each month, saving a couple of dollars per year. Requires a delay in receiving papers.
  2. Have the paper emailed in a compressed PDF file, costing approximately half. Requires the ability to download 3 to 4 MB sized files.

Please fill in your zip code and the your delivery method preference and other suggestions for delivery in the spaces provided. Giving us your zip code helps us to figure out which areas are opting for the various methods. If you wish, you can provide us with your name, street address and email address in the spaces provided.

Zip Code:
Delivery Method Preference:
optional Name:
optional Street Address:
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