The Boring Word About Let There Be Music

July 17, 1985

Mother never had formal music lessons but she loved music, and of course Dad played the trombone and led the firemen’s band for years; so it seemed only natural that we were given music lessons as children. We played the piano, the trombone, and bell lyre at various times and were even in the high school band.

I enjoyed my music and felt as I grew older it added something to the quality of my life. So when our first born expressed a desire to play the piano I found a teacher. Eventually the day came when we were sitting in the school auditorium listening to the descriptions of the various band instruments. Our daughter pointed out the flute and we were on our way.

Two years later we were sitting in the same seats as our son chose the trombone. Just like Grandpa!

We had not yet reached high school. Instruments meant remembering to take it once a week for your lesson and practicing the night before. Whether it be Grandpa’s genes, talent or luck both did fairly well even though they didn’t practice a lot at home.

Then came the first year of high school band. That was the year my education began. I learned about summer band camp, car pools, Saturday football games, and bake sales. It was also the year our third child chose his instrument.

As I sat in the same seats for a third time I tried to talk David out of his heart’s desire. Drums! The teacher told us how few get chosen, how hard the competition is etc, etc, etc. But David passed the tests and off we went to buy a set of drum sticks.

I thought at the time that at least the cost was no where near the other two instruments. But it was not long before David was combing the want-ads for used drum sets. How could be deny him when we had already purchased a flute and a trombone?

We now have a drum set on our second floor and wonders of wonders we also have a child who practices! At one time or another he has heard every threat imaginable. He’s been told not to practice with the windows open, during our favorite TV programs or when anyone wishes to sleep.

This year he joined the high school band and being a freshman was one of the last to be assigned an instrument. Come football season our 90 lb, 4 foot 10 inch son is going to carry a bass drum!