The Boring Word About Freshman Woes

September 18, 1985

Remember what it was like to be a freshman? To suddenly find yourself the youngest and least experienced after having just completed a year as big man on campus?

This year our third (and last) child began his freshman year in high school. Our other two had adjusted quite well to high school and although I was hopeful I remembered it was this child who stood up for his right to wear a plain t-shirt in middle school gym class, who refused to back down because the other guy was bigger (and most of them are!), and who argues that girls should have no more special consideration in elementary games than boys.

Surprisingly life in high school has been very smooth. We have adjusted to plane geometry, Spanish and science. We survived rookie band camp, and our first football game. As far as I know he has not been lost in the halls and hasn’t missed his bus. I thought we had it made.

Almost! Then last week I received the news. Life in high school is not all peaches and cream. Definitely not cream! It seems this year there is no whole milk served in the cafeteria!

Somehow when our son made this announcement I could not manage to become emotionally involved even though is description of what was served was less than appetizing. By questioning older brother I found out the choice is 2% milk, skim milk or chocolate milk. Seemed adequate to me. But not to our freshman. In his opinion none are “real” milk. (Takes after his father)

I must agree. Nothing tastes like regular good old Vitamin D milk. Unless it’s cold good old Vitamin D milk, which is even more difficult to find in a school cafeteria.

At first I made light of the problem, however, the more I listen the more I must agree with my son. We have chocolate milk because many students don’t like white. Certainly it isn’t because it’s better for them. We have skim because many of the girls are on diets. And we have 2% because ? – I guess because the doctors say its better for us.

In an effort to persuade fussy teens to eat in the cafeteria they have French fries and pizza every day as an alternate. Are they better for us?

They have offered deli bars, salad bars and held contests all to get students to buy lunch tickets. So I guess asking for “real” milk is not such a big thing.

Being the mother that I am, I put in our request. Whether it will do any good remains to be seen. Whatever the outcome, if this is the biggest problem we have to face I just may make it through this freshman year. Of course assuming college I still have two more to go!