The Boring Word About New Years Resolutions

January 15, 1986

Each January 1st I have made resolutions. For the last several years they have always been the same – diet and exercise. However, by this time into the new year my good intentions have been reduced to just that.

This year I thought I might make it at least through the end of January with the help of two Christmas gifts left at our house – an exercise trampoline and a microwave oven. The trampoline was never free when I had the inclination to exercise during the first week of January and the novelty of cooking bacon and baked potatoes in the the microwave blew my diet.

I have logged a few hours reading the diet and exercise articles published in all the magazines during January and even posted a family exercise program on the refrigerator door. So far opening the door and picking up the paper when it falls on the floor is as close to family exercise as we’ve gotten.

I tend to make resolutions for my children also. However, they don’t make any better progress than I do when it comes to taking action. The piano isn’t clocking any more practice hours than it did last January, fights with sisters still occur and homework continues to be left to the last minute.

My youngest daughter has conquered one resolution though. Since Santa brought her a Hide and Sleep Tent she doesn’t have to worry about making her bed in the morning.

I admire people who can decide something and actually follow through. Next year I’m going to be one of those people by resolving not to make any New Year’s Resolutions.