The Boring Word About February

February 19, 1986

February is the month when the car always needs to be washed, it snows, there are school delays, everyone is talking about their bout with the flu, it snows some more and we dream about spring.

The fact we start out the month by poking a groundhog until he comes out of his hole to predict how much longer our misery will last is a clear indication February is not the best month of the year.

Even camouflaging our winter blahs by sending each other loving messages on the 14th of the month cannot divert our attention for long from the soggy foot we have due to the hole in our much-worn boots, the splattering of mud on our good coat received every time we cross the street, the expensive car repairs needed because of the surprise potholes that appear overnight and those aching muscles from shoveling snow.

There are countless theories on how to beat the winter blahs. The most innovative has to be St. Vincent’s beach party with sand and palm trees imported for the occasion, and for those lucky ones an actual trip to the sunny south.

As for the rest of us who have to suffer through the snow, rain mud, school delays, grouchy moods of everyone around us and a sunless sky for a few more weeks, just remember, someone was thinking about your when only twenty-eight days were put in this month and who knows, Herb might show up in Murrysville during February.