The Boring Word About Julie’s Birthday

March 5, 1986

We’ve been celebrating my daughter’s eighth birthday for the last few days. There was a party for friends, a small celebration with the immediate family on her “real” birthday, a snack at school to share with classmates and the near future promises of yet another party with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

With all the celebrating there can be no doubt another year has flown by, and since the baby book has room for only seven years I found myself looking back over all the entries that add up to eight year old Julie.

I noted the patterns that have consistently continued through the years such as a dislike for going to bed and a love to converse about a multitude of subjects with just about anyone willing to listen.

Her ability to always have an explanation in any situation was recorded concerning her fifth year physical at the pediatrician’s office. When asked to define the word lake she answered – a lot of water. When pressed further by the physician who offered to fill up the sink with water so it could be a lake she quickly told him a lake had fish and ducks. When he suggested filling the sink with ducks and fish she immediately told him it still would not be a lake because a lake does not have the little plug in the bottom.

While some patterns have remained the same there have been definite changes. At age three, four and five dresses with ruffles were all important but by age six jeans were the only acceptable attire. A love for Big Bird has turned into a passion for My Little Ponies and we have established pandas as her favorite animal, Easter the favorite holiday and a dislike for popcorn, most chocolate and pizza.

I’m told the next eight years will be impossible to record because the changes are so dramatic (maybe that’s why the baby book stops at seven years). I guess that can only be expected, after all who ever heard of a sixteen year old not liking pizza.