The Boring Word About Mother’s Day

May 7, 1986

Another Mother’s Day is fast approaching. The advertisements are filled with pictures of beautiful mothers, freshly scrubbed children and perfectly wrapped gifts. I don’t know where Madison Ave gets these little scenes but it certainly isn’t at my house.

Stores have extended Saturday and Sunday hours on Mother’s Day weekend because of families like mine. Gifts usually come from the local drug store and consist of candy. They may be wrapped in Christmas or birthday paper or even the Sunday comics.

Occasionally my kids will start shopping a little early. In that case I will probably receive a nightgown. Their selection can run the gambet from frilly, sheer items to flannel gowns with footballs emblazoned on them.

A few years ago I started a campaign to influence the choice of gifts purchased for me. I made subtle hits about items mothers might like. I pointed out my favorite perfume, style of wearing apparel and my choice of books. That year I received an even bigger box of candy.

I’ve decided this year to take the more direct approach. I point blank told them what I would like to have. I even showed one son the exact location in the store of the item I have chosen. I have high hopes I’ll finally get something I can use. However, I can also almost guarantee you I’ll also get a box of candy. (Their favorite kind.)

Apparently my dilemma is an inherited one. Mother approached Charlene and me the other day and announced she would like a plant for her yard for Mother’s Day. Wonder if there was something wrong with the candy and nightgown we got her last year?