The Boring Word About Intersections

July 30, 1986

I stopped at the six-way stop intersection at Old Wm. Penn and School Road the other day at the same time as another car. The other lady and I each nodded and we both accelerated and braked at the same time. At that point I didn’t know who should be going first – she might have been older but I’ve never been good at age estimating – I probably was in the biggest hurry – but that shouldn’t really count – I was to the right – but I didn’t know if she remembered that rule and by this time there was another car ready to join in the stop and start game. I decided last place was better than no finish.

Later in the morning I was given the assignment of going to the Murrysville Post Office. This is considered hazardous duty at our office. What ensued is still a muddle in my mind, just cars stopping and turning in all directions.

Foolishly I visited relatives in Franklin Town later that day and made the mistake of trying to make a left turn off Sardis Road onto Old William Penn. After watching the distraught driver behind us my children now have added a new word to their sign language vocabulary.

I learned to drive a car in Murrysville. It was difficult at the time, we had to go to Monroeville to get real experience with intersection traffic. When my daughters are ready to drive we’ll be able to get all our experience right here around home.