The Boring Word About A New Year

September 10, 1986

I think we should change the calendar. As far as I’m concerned September is the beginning of the year.

Our lives certainly change more during this month than they do in January. Other than learning to write a new year on my check, nothing changes in January. Not even the weather.

But during September the kids go back to school, organizations begin to meet again, the weather takes on a briskness that encourages us to attempt some fix up projects, we change our wardrobes and begin making plans for the holidays. And at our house we move furniture.

Maybe it’s the cooler weather, perhaps it’s the need to organize for the new school term. Whatever the reason fall is the time the rooms are rearranged, the closets cleaned and the drawers organized.

I am notorious for moving furniture. Before I went back to work I rearranged the living room every month. Our couch has been on every wall and in the middle of the floor. I don’t just move the furniture in a room but move rooms. At one time or another my kids have slept in all four of our bedrooms. My husband learned early in our marriage never to enter a room without turning on the lights.

This desire to move furniture seems to be inherited. The other day our son started rearranging his room but soon began to eye the large empty room his sister occasionally occupies. As of this writing the move is still in the negotiating stage. But in case Beth is reading this, you better look before emptying your suitcase on the next trip home!