The Boring Word About Paper Clips

October 22, 1986

The other day I was reading an article about paper clips. (Don’t be critical we all have different tastes when it comes to recreational reading.)

According to a survey it was found that of every 100,000 paper clips, 14,163 are twisted or broken during phone calls and uses range widely. Hooks account for 17,200; toothpicks, 5,434; nail cleaners, 5,308; pipe cleaners, 3, 196; chips in card games, 19,143; and 15,556 are dropped on the floor and swept away. Only 20,000 are actually used to clip papers together.

The article did not include everything inquiring minds want to know. No mention was made of keeping little hands busy making necklaces by stringing the clips together, bookmarks or setting a digital watch. There are all the emergency uses too, fastening a torn hem, poking another hole in a belt, fixing a broken strap on a purse, fastening a doll’s dress, holder for Christmas ornaments and opening the lock on the bathroom door.

And of course paper clips should be on every gift list. There are muliticolor clips in magnetic containers that enable picking up just one clip a time and huge colored plastic clips that can go anyone’s Christmas stocking.

I wonder where I can get the survey done on safety pins and clothes pins?