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July 28, 2021

The Boring Word About Flu for Christmas

January 7, 1987

Someone at our house is always sick for Christmas. Friends don’t even call to ask if I am having a nice holiday – just, what’s the latest medical bulletin.

One year it was chicken pox but usually its strep throat or the flu. This year we managed a stomach virus, respiratory virus and a sprained ankle.

While most people look back at Christmas morning as the year they got a certain gift or did something special, we remember the day by recalling who was coming down or getting over a bout with whatever.

The new Christmas robes, slippers and nightgowns are worn out by New Year’s and if the illness arrives before Santa a few packages are opened early with the thought they will encourage a speedy recovery.

With all the new toys there are at least a lot of things to do even if confined to the indoors.

This year between sneezes, Tylenol, and spoonfuls of Pepto-Bismol, we imitated Pat Sejak and Vanna White by playing our new Wheel of Fortune game. After that got old we collected pieces of cheese and built a “Mousetrap”.

Hearing the accusation that people were “premature pig puffing” and “hogging the court” was enough to cause anyone to go into a relapse. If you were the recipient of “Pig Pong” you know what I’m talking about, if not, – consider yourself fortunate.

I’m sure one Christmas soon we will all be well and old enough – but not too old – to be immune to the latest virus. Until then I hope Santa chooses Christmas games and nightwear very carefully.


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