The Boring Word About Looking Into the Future

February 18, 1987

I’ve often thought it would be exciting to take a peek into the future once in a while. Although I don’t think I’d want a preview of everything that is going to happen I would like to know just a little.

This is probably why I read my horoscope every so often. Such was the case last Friday when I was cautioned by the morning paper to make sure I put the proper papers in the proper envelopes.

I lamented to my fellow workers about my dull horoscope and wondered out loud why something exciting couldn’t be forecast – like travel to distant lands or great fortune. But then, I continued, it really is foolish to read those things, they never come true anyway so what difference does it make whether the predictions are exciting or not, and everyone within hearing distance nodded in agreement and I put my horoscope out of my mind.

I was going through my mail Friday evening after work and was surprised to to find my gas bill returned – I had sent them the electric company’s check. Now on what page does the horoscope appear?