The Boring Word About Mother Knows Best

February 25, 1987

Last week I celebrated my own private Mother’s Day. I got the greatest compliment a mother could ever receive. One of my children actually came to me for advice.

For 20 years I have handed out bits of wisdom, only to be told that I don’t understand or I’m not up on the latest styles, music or manners. I have noticed that although my opinion is scoffed at, there are times when one of the kids will later do it my way. But they would never admit that I might just happen to know more than their friends, teachers, or idols.

But to actually ask for advice, then follow it and thank me! that I don’t think has ever happened before until last week, and then it took a two week bout with the flu to achieve this momentous occasion. But I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

When the flu bug hit our daughter’s dorm, and she had exhausted all other resources, she finally broke down and called for help in her hour of need. She was so attentive to my words that when I said try a little ginger ale, she asked “is caffeine free alright?”

Over the phone the situation sounded desperate. After giving the ginger ale, crackers and baked potato prescription I hung up and began to make plans for the trip to bring her home. But low and behold the next day we heard a miracle recovery was in progress. And it was still all thanks to Mom!

Isn’t it wonderful. Our daughter has spent three years and over $20,000 of our money studying to be a nurse only to discover that sometimes Mom know best!