The Boring Word About Making Room – Adding On

March 18, 1987

The critter collection at our house is again growing. After a few years of a hamster-free environment we are now the owners of a little, gray, furry fellow called “Skeeter”. He will be joined (but in separate quarters) by a baby hamster born in my daughter’s classroom. In anticipation of the day when the “baby” would be ready to come home from school we bought a new cage, wheel, etc. However, we also filled it with Skeeter – “he was so cute in the pet store”. Now that the new arrival is ready to come home Skeeter is in need of a new residence.

Since the fish all died last summer the aquarium has been home to two hermit crabs. I was advised by my daughter that an “add-on” is available for aquariums that turn them into a real “neat” hamster habitat. Fortunately, after the newts passed away we kept their small aquarium so the hermit crabs could still be housed – just not as much square footage.

On Sunday we transferred everybody and got the baby hamster’s cage ready and waiting. However, Grandma was spending the night Sunday, and although everyone was enjoying their new homes, we had to make adjustments. After all Grandma couldn’t be expected to listen to Skeeter turn on his wheel all night. Watching him roll around the living room in his plastic ball with the cat and dog in pursuit was really quite enough for her.

I thought everyone was in their designated spot as we settled down for the night. They were – except for the cat who cried on grandma’s window sill and the dog who thought grandma wanted her feet warmed.