The Boring Word about Spring Forward

April 1, 1987

If you couldn’t figure out how to change the time on your digital clock in the car last fall (I have an aunt in this predicament) everything will be set right this weekend. It’s that time: although a little earlier than previous years, when you will hear yourself saying to your kids “it’s later than you think.”

That baby who was on such a good schedule and the puppy who got up at the right time in the morning will have to be retrained. And if you were depending on darkness to help you get the children to bed, forget it!

Resetting all the clocks on radios, microwaves, telephones, stoves, watches, cars, etc. is a job in itself. You might want to assign family members the responsibilities for the various time pieces in your house; maybe even make out a chart to make sure nothing is missed.

And by all means don’t let the banks in the area fool you into thinking you still have time to spare next week, think how difficult it must be if you lose the instructions to a clock that size.

Remember, it’s spring forward. Don’t disappoint all those choir members laying odds on how many people will get to church at the right time.