The Boring Word About Easter Spring Forward

March 30, 1988

I know I haven’t written this column is some time. But this week, as it slowly dawned on me that the world in general and the government in particular is conspiring to do me in, I just had to raise my voice in protest.

In case you have not heard it is time to change our clocks so we can greet the sun a little earlier each day. Now I am not an early riser. This is not of my doing. I was born this way, I inherited the trait from my father and there is little anyone is going to do to change me now. However, life has forced me to modify my lifestyle and this I have been willing to accept. In fact summer and sunny mornings actually help me greet each new day. But this weekend is more than I can face.

First let me say that Sunday mornings at our house means church service. Since my church is kind enough to begin services at a reasonable hour it is only once a year, on Easter, that I may have to consider changing my religion. Even then our church has been good enough to consider 7:00 am as an appropriate time for the sun to rise.

But now comes 1988 and the U.S. Congress! This year someone has decided we should turn the clocks back on Easter Sunday! Come on now! I don’t believe I can recall this event every occurring on Easter. Assuming this person does not attend sunrise services does he also not have children?

Children’s biological clocks can not be moved as easily as the one on the kitchen wall. Since you must wait for the kids to get to sleep before filling the baskets, and then you must turn the clock back, there is a very good chance you could meet them on the stairs as you head for bed!

Other years we have been able to catch up on the lost hour with a Sunday afternoon nap. Not on Easter. There is Grandma to visit, Easter egg hunts to hold and an Easter dinner to cook. All the while checking the watches and clocks because we all know that one will be forgotten and part of the family will arrive an hour late (or is it early?).

But be of good cheer by Monday morning you will have your life back on time and all you will have to remember is that the post office increased the price of postage stamps on Sunday and all of your letters need three more cents. Wonder if we could convince them to put the price of postage back when we move the clocks back in the fall?