The Boring Word About Doing A Little Time

July 25, 1988

I know my work can often lead to some interesting if not downright complicated situations.

Take the time I took 100 preschoolers to the zoo. Or the days I have risked life and limb to get a shot of a football pass. But I never thought I would end up in jail.

But jail is where I’m going to be on June 29 when the Heart Association locks me up to help raise funds for “From the Heart of Murrysville-Export.” They are expecting my family and friends to bail me out!

How little they know about the newspaper business. Take my family for instance. This may be the first time they will actually know where I am. Not only that but I will be in no position to comment on their activities to ask them to carry out some task for me. And what better way to get back at Mom for all those columns she wrote?

As for my friends there are few who have not had to pay a fine to the Lions, Rotary, etc. because I took their picture. And how many have seen their name in print when they may have preferred to remain anonymous?

These are the people who are going to bail me out?

In desperation I have decided to resort to my own means. On our office counter is a can for donations. In addition I have started checking between the couch cushions and I’m going through all the coat pockets in the closet tomorrow. No longer do I send the kids to the store and say “keep the change”.

Even at that I doubt I will have enough to keep me out of jail. So if you have any pity in your heart at all, how about a little help? Any amount will do, I’m not proud.

And for those of you who just can’t forget the time we misspelled your name or the time we wrote something you disagreed with remember you can call the Heart Association office in Greensburg and for $20 have me arrested for even more time in jail.

July 29 promises to be an afternoon of fun for some and a time of waiting for the rest of us.