The Boring Word About A Day Without The Kids

June 6, 1990

Last weekend we did something we have not done for over 20 years. We spent a day at Sea Worldd with no children. There were not even any children at home, (Grandma’s or anywhere else) that we had to worry about and perhaps check up on. If, like us, you have been raising your family for the last 20 or more years this is something you must experience in order to really appreciate. First of all we drove for three hours in the car listening to music we like. There were no arguments over who sits next to the window, or (if your children are older) who gets to drive.

During the entire day we did not have any temper tantrums or fits of sulking. I did not have to tell anyone “it costs too much,” “that’s too old (young) for you,” or “you’ve had enough junk food.”

We saw every show from beginning to end without taking anyone to the restroom or answering the “why or how are they doing that” questions. We also did not have to carry anyone or their coats, hats, purses, etc. At lunch I listened to the child across from me tell her mother the hot dogs were not like the ones at home. I heard comments about the lines (from the grill) on the hamburgers and of course, none of the children at the table took any of the coleslaw or potato salad. We enjoyed our lunch without once stopping to insist “try just one bite, you’ll like it!”

It was a day to be remembered and treasured. But like most things it won’t last. The grandchildren will be old enough to go in another year and then it will start all over. Only it will be different because at the end of that long tiring day I will be able to turn them back overto their parents as I take myself off to my quiet bed.