The Boring Word About Happy Anniversary

February 14, 1994

February is a significant month in the history of this newspaper. Forty-seven years ago this month our dad decided to start his own newspaper, the Penn-Franklin News, in the basement of his home. Over the years the newspaper grew include the Penn-Trafford news, Delmont Salem News, and The Market Place. A seventy-five dollar investment was turned into a family business.

Our dad was fortunate to be in a business he loved and to have a wife who supported him through all the ups and downs as the newspaper grew.

It wasn’t until we were an adult that we realized we had been witness to something that is all too rare today, a genuine love between two people that grew with each passing year.

Our dad, a victim of Alzheimer’s disease for the last sixteen years, does not realize his newspaper is celebrating a forty-seventh anniversary. He has been in a nursing home for the last six years, and it is there, on March 2nd, that our parents will mark the 56th anniversary of the da they vowed for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health. Love can endure all things.

Happy Valentines Day, Mom & Dad