Another way for advertisers to get their message out to the public is to have preprinted advertising slicks inserted into the publications. This is often a method used by advertisers who receive preprinted advertising materials from a national or regional office or in the case of an advertiser who is having flyers printed up and wants a method of distribution.

Inserts must still meet ad copy restrictions, therefore a copy or a proof copy of the insert must be provided when placing an order. Inserts must be prepaid before going in the newspaper. Advertisers can select the areas they wish to cover, within reason. See the Coverage Area page or call the office for more information about placing inserts in the publications.

Please contact the office for rates for inserts, which varies based on size, number of inserts, and printing, folding, overweight, secure disposal, verification paperwork and other production items.

Rates for national advertising agencies are not commissionable.