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July 28, 2021

Boring Word Archive

The Boring Word About Letters to the Editor

March 19, 1997 As a newspaper editor in a small town I see my share of “letters to the editor.” Usually they are a welcome sight. It means people are reading and taking note of events, and (thank goodness) it generates interest in the paper. But sad as it may be these same letters can

The Boring Word About Who’s Who

March 5, 1997 In the beginning of this column in the early 1980’s, there were two contributing authors, Georgia Lee Cooper Boring and Charlene Cooper Word, the two daughters of the paper’s founder. As one can see from the last names, Boring and Word, the name of the column seemed natural. Each week, one of

The Boring Word About A Visit with NASA

February 24, 1997 Earlier this month, following our 50th anniversary party, I had a chance to get away for a week’s vacation to Florida. The idea of heading to Disney and warmer parts was kicked around for maybe a month before we left, so plus were quick and not quite complete. As timing would have

The Boring Word About Weather Forecasting

February 19, 1997 This past weekend’s weather was the final determining factor in my belief in the wooly worm caterpillar as a weather forecaster. For those of you who may have forgotten, early in the fall we had a comment from one of our readers that this year there would be a bad fall and

The Boring Word About Bigger and Better “Toys”

January 29, 1997 There’s a saying that we don’t give up our toys as we grow older, the toys just get bigger and more expensive. Perhaps the equipment we use in producing our newspaper may not appear as toys to most people but in my family they take up as much – or more –

The Boring Word About Murphy’s Law

January 22, 1997 At one time of another we all make reference to “Murphy’s Law” – that old adage that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Lately I’ve decided that law is the only one in control of my life. It all started when we decided put new carpeting in our offices. Knowing

The Boring Word About One of Those Days

Unknown Did you ever get up feeling just great and in just a few moments have your day start steadily downhill? Such was this Monday for me. I was really feeling good. The sun was shining and although it was cold I was in a nice warm building. I had a front page article and

The Boring Word About Happy Anniversary

February 14, 1994 February is a significant month in the history of this newspaper. Forty-seven years ago this month our dad decided to start his own newspaper, the Penn-Franklin News, in the basement of his home. Over the years the newspaper grew include the Penn-Trafford news, Delmont Salem News, and The Market Place. A seventy-five

The Boring Word About a Little Help

August 7, 1991 I had cause to travel on Route 22 from Murrysville to Delmont on Monday morning and saw numerous bags of trash beside the road. It looked like a residential street the morning of garbage day, except no one (well, only a few) lives on that road. The bags were clustered in groups

The Boring Word About A Day Without The Kids

June 6, 1990 Last weekend we did something we have not done for over 20 years. We spent a day at Sea Worldd with no children. There were not even any children at home, (Grandma’s or anywhere else) that we had to worry about and perhaps check up on. If, like us, you have been

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