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October 29, 2020

Subscription Offer

Feed your Mind while you Feed your Neighbors.

Subscribe today and we’ll donate up to half your subscription price to your local food bank.

Choose the food bank in your neighborhood or the Westmoreland County Food Bank. Half of new subscription rates, a quarter of rates of renewals, in our primary area.

To subscribe, visit our purchase page, select the number of years and type, new or renewal, and add to your cart. During checkout, use the code foodbank. Indicate which food bank in the comments on the billing page under additional information when  you check out. Use ‘local’ for closets local or ‘WCFB’ for the county food bank.

Payment is processed through PayPal, $1 additional fee added to all credit card transactions. Want to purchase via check and mail it in? Download this form

This offer expires June 30, 2020

Questions? Send us an email at news at penn-franklin.com