The Boring Word About Father’s Day

June 12, 1985

Standing in front of the Father’s Day greeting card displays brings back many memories. Every year we have searched for the card that expresses just the right sentiment and has the right picture and theme.

As children, when someone asked, “What does your daddy do?” We knew! We knew because we saw what he did every day and every night. (When we were growing up there were only a few years that we did not live in the same building as the business.)

It was hard to define though. Other dads were salesmen, engineers, chemists, truck drivers, etc. Ours was an editor, publisher, pressman, salesman, photographer, writer, collector of overdue accounts and anything else which needed to be done.

Being the great guy that he is Dad always included us in his work. We were the only kids in the neighborhood who could brag that we got to fold all the newspapers by hand. And if we wanted to know how something operated Dad was always willing to show us; he also made sure we used our new found skills.

If we needed a little extra money Dad could be counted on to have a job that needed to be done or sometimes the incentive was a hamburger at Dick’s Diner, an ice cream cone and later college tuition.

Like most families we enjoyed friendly competition. While others were playing scrabble, volleyball, etc we were trying to see who could address papers the fastest, set type the best or fold the most papers in the shortest length of time.

Our social schedule revolved around printing day. We would hurry to get the papers printed so the family could make the feature at the movie, go bowling, skating, etc. As we grew older a young man dropping by for a visit might find himself walking around the dining room table gathering the pages of the Lion’s Club booklet. Needless to say Dad always encouraged us to invite friends to our house.

Through all this dad remained a patient, loving father who somehow could always make time for us. It is only now as parents ourselves that we fully appreciate what a wonderful dad he has been.

We love you Dad. Happy Father’s Day!