Display Ads

If you need assistance or have questions about placing an ad or having inserts placed in the newspaper, please contact the office at 724-327-3471. We will be glad to help you. Please be aware that our advertising rates were increased on January 1, 2022. If you need a new rate sheet, please contact our office. Display ads have a couple of different options, including Business Service Ads, Display Ads, Additional spot or full color, and special feature pages.

Business Service Ads

Business Service Ads are small display ads that are part of a special Business Service section of the classified pages. They must be placed for at least 4 weeks at a time and can only be 1 col. by 1 inch, 1col. by 2 inch, or 2 col. by 1 inch in size. Rate per week for 1 week of just newspapers is $11.05, 1 week of total market coverage when published is $14.59.

Display Ads

Display ads are the large “boxed” ads seen throughout the paper. Ads can be placed in the  the Monday or Wednesday edition of the newspaper or any combination of the publications. Once a month we we have a total market circular with our newspaper, which we call the Total Market Coverage, which is the 3rd Monday of the mont, second in December. All advertisers in the issue of the Total Market Coverage will be charged that rate.

For local advertisers (please note advertising agencies do not qualify for these rates):

  • Newspaper – one issue – $7.57 per column inch.
  • 2 consecutive days (second day at 65%) – $12.49 per column inch.
  • Total Market Coverage Monday  – $11.57 per column inch.
  • Total Market Coverage full week  – $16.49 per column inch.

Please contact the office for a current rate sheet, our rates went up January 1, 2022. Color is extra.

Special rates are available for frequent advertisers. Discounts are available for those who prepay for their ads and for service organizations. To determine the exact cost of your ad, please contact our office.

For national rates for advertising agencies, please contact our office.

Adding Color to Ads

A single color is used to accent a few pages in each issue. The color is chosen by the newspaper, and usually is red or blue. Other colors are available for an additional fee. Full color is also available for each issue of the paper. Advertisers can have their ads accented with this additional color or request full color for an additional cost. Please contact the office about rates for color.

Special Feature Pages

Occasionally we run special feature pages, such as a coupon page or a page that is put together on a theme. Past themes have included Thanksgiving, Easter, Celebrating Successful Local High School Sports Teams and Honoring Our Service people. Ads on these pages are usually one size and have a set rate. Contact the office for upcoming feature pages and rates.